At Beyond Healing Center we are focused on holistic wellness for every human we come into contact with. This includes the clients we serve, the healers we employ, and the general community. Each of the services we offer are wildly diverse but are connected in their vision for wellness. This integrative approach can create the most individualized treatment approach for anyone seeking healing.  


Our counseling services focus on supporting individuals, couples, and families of all ages seeking someone to partner with them in their healing journey. All clinicians are trained in providing trauma informed services.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is created to invite individuals from all walks of life into a community where they can explore and experience safety and connection together. Through the support of psychoeducation and process groups, we believe that being in community with others is a critical part of the healing process.

EMDR Therapy

All of our clinicians are trained in this evidenced based trauma focused treatment modality. It serves as an efficient and effective tool to assist the system with processing and restoring trauma memories.

Play Therapy

Clients of all ages can benefit from the processing of exploring and expressing themselves through the experience of play. Sand-tray, art, and other interactive toys offer the opportunity for creativity and processing in a non-traditional manner.

Trauma Informed Massage

Massage therapy helps our clients gain connection with their own bodies and awareness of how they are housing emotional distress. It is intended for clients to experience the felt sense of being nurtured and cared for through safe touch.

Somatic and Embodiment Teaching

Our bodies are extremely relevant to the healing process. These services gently provide an opportunity to feel grounded and safe within your body.

Medication Consultation

With education and experience as a psychiatric pharmacist as well as a mental health counselor our consultant offers support in exploring the positive and negative implications of each medication on the human system as a whole. During a 30 minute consultation you can explore how multiple medications interact with one another, side effects, and how it can serve as a support to your healing process.

Health and Wellness

Knowing that the mind and body are highly connected, we believe that every human needs to be cared for in a holistic and integrated way. Through Intuitive Eating, health coaching, and guided movement we are able to offer this support for healing.

Creative Art Lessons and Groups

Art offers us a way to express aspects of ourselves that may feel hidden or vulnerable to share otherwise. These private and group sessions expose you to a variety of creative ways to discover more about yourself and safely share it with others.

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.