Group Therapy

Group therapy is created to invite individuals from all walks of life into a community where they can explore and experience safety and connection together. Through the support of psychoeducation and process groups, we believe that being in community with others is a critical part of the healing process.

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We offer several group therapy options. Each group therapy option listed below takes place at our Springfield location.

The cost to participate in each group varies. Pricing information can be found in the specific group therapy listing.

Child Parent Relationship Training

Mind Body Connection

Outdoor Group Therapy for Teens

Being a part of a group and space curated for safety and acceptance around the topics of food and body image was so healing. Sharing my story and witnessing other individuals’ stories helped me to process and release feelings of shame I have carried for years. I was nervous about the group format, but it was so helpful to feel the support of the group and not feel alone in the process.

— Food & Body Group Therapy Client

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.