Beyond Healing Center Retreats

The healing process can be challenging and having the right support and guidance is crucial. Research on how we heal has recently revealed the model of weekly one-hour sessions may not be the most effective strategy for long term change.

This new research suggests that short, but intense, treatment may actually result in more gains. In response to this research Beyond Healing is now offering Healing Retreats and EMDR Intensives.

Retreat Offerings

We are now offering retreats as an in-house Healing Intensive experience that can be 3 or 5 days and is hosted in our downtown office location. This intensive covers your therapy, massage and bodywork, movement and yoga, and any other desired services. We can offer several options for Airbnbs, nearby hotels, and a range of food options. You can learn more about each retreat offering and review a sample daily schedule by clicking the “Learn More” link below the retreat listing.

If you would like to talk through retreat options with our Office Manager, contact us and we can work together to identify the retreat experience that will be the best fit for you.

  •  The cost of each retreat is dependent on the services chosen and the number of days chosen
  • Packages start at $3,000 for a 3-day retreat
  • We work to customize retreat experiences for everyone. Meaning we can modify schedules and services based on your individual needs.

Body-Mind Connection

A Body-Mind Connection retreat will support the discovery of your intuitive felt sense to help make sense of your experiences and how they impact both life and relationships.

Relational Healing

During a retreat focused on relational healing, every part of the subjective human is invited to be present for the potential of experiencing safety in connection.

Family Connection

In family connection retreats, partners, children, and other family members are invited to process specific issues related to relational struggle or trauma.

Grief Guidance and Support

A grief focused retreat can bring us support and guidance to explore the barriers and complications of our unique stories of loss. This helps us discover what it means to honor our grief in a healing way.

Stress Release

By allowing ourselves a retreat that is designed to create space for our bodies to rest, we can awaken our parasympathetic nervous system and remember how to relax and recharge at the deepest level.

Couples Connection

This retreat is designed for couples who are looking for new ways to connect, develop better communication, and find ways to integrate their experiences during the retreat into the relationship once they’ve returned home.

Marriage Commitment & Preparation

A Marriage Commitment and Preparation retreat is designed for couples who are looking to engage and discover what it means to truly connect and experience deep safety with their partner prior to their bonding ceremony.

Trauma Release and Recovery

The neuro-physiological charge from past trauma can be reprocessed and released from the body during the re-visitation of an experience within the safety of the current moment. This release can be facilitated through the secure safety of another, such as a therapist.

Addiction and Recovery

Recovering from addiction of any kind is a long and complex process and a healing retreat can support your healing journey by addressing the root causes of the addiction while also providing a chance to develop new effective skills for living life substance free.

I woke up this morning and quickly welled up with tears. I woke up knowing I fit and knowing I belong. So simple but a HUGE shift in how I think about myself.

For the past two years, I’ve been under the guidance of Melissa. She’s been key to my growth and healing process which has continued to lead me to the truest version of myself.

The intensive really was a huge breakthrough for me. Instead of working in a small section of time, I was able to start down a path of hurt and discomfort. The longer session allowed us to visit those wounds, identify root causes and begin the healing process. I left feeling whole and empowered. The longer session is really life changing because of the amount you are able to tackle in one setting.

— Emily V.

Since the age of 11 I have undergone therapy and I have never felt as loved as I do at Beyond. Bridger has played a key role in my healing with OCD. The trauma that I experienced as a child has formed me as the person I am today and I wouldn’t be able to accept that if I had never chose therapy.

My negative self beliefs, anxiety, and sadness have had a significant decrease with the help of the people I love. I have had many therapists in the past ranging in age and gender and I can’t say all of them have been great.

My goal has always been to “fix myself” and without the support of Bridger and the Beyond Team, I don’t think I could understand that I don’t need to be fixed.

— Therapy Client

I have undergone an enormous transformation since starting EMDR. This is without question due to my therapists expertise and the benefit EMDR has for processing trauma.

While doing EMDR in our regular one hour sessions was helpful, the time frame was a limitation to my ability to reach the most vulnerable state of processing. The EMDR Intensive eliminated that entirely allowing me to explore things I didn’t realize were apart of my trauma and process them rapidly with out interruptions.

If someone is considering EMDR therapy as an option I would highly recommend the Intensive sessions. I have experienced amazing progress and growth first hand.

— Tila W.

Beyond Healing retreats is a unique opportunity to intentionally take time for inner healing and be cared for by incredible authentic and kind people. I have experienced the process of scheduling a retreat and going through the process and am blown away by how much attention, thought and care was given to all my details. From food allergies to types of support services I was treated with honor and care. Food, transportation and therapy were all taken care of, so all I needed to do what get there, heal and rest. I also experienced profound healing and shift in my journey from my 3 day intensive. It changed my life so deeply that I scheduled a second one a few years later. Everyone deserves to heal and this retreat is a safe and impactful option for anyone open to the journey!

— Retreat Client

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.