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Educational Resources

Beyond Trauma Podcast

Beyond Trauma is a psychotherapy podcast from therapists for clients about the journey of trauma recovery. While resources like this can be helpful, we also encourage you to find a trauma informed therapist in your area to be your guide in this healing journey.

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Trauma Informed Care Course

The TIC training is intended to help participants understand the implications of trauma as  it is relevant to the therapeutic alliance and a client’s process in and throughout treatment. More than just psychoeducation on the impact of trauma, the TIC training focuses on shaping every interaction into a trauma informed, nervous system focused healing experience.

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Mental Health First Aid Kit

The Mental Health First Aid Kit is a simple but thorough program designed to help you learn practical skills to manage and improve your daily mental health. It includes a Daily Checklist to guide you through the whole process, along with a Daily Log to help you record your experiences so you can decide what works best for you.

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Relational Resources

Mind Body Connection Group

An eight week group therapy series focused on bringing together the mind and body while discovering safety in our relationships with food.

General Process Group

An ongoing group that creates a space for current therapy clients to explore what it means to be in therapy and connect with others who share in their experiences.

Expressive Arts Therapy Camp

A one week therapeutic Summer camp for youth full of fun, friendship, and freedom for creative self expression using art, music, drama, and movement.

Safety in Connection

A four week nature based therapy program for youth designed to guide adolescents in developing safety in connection with others, all while facilitating a deeper connection with the self and nature.

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