Trauma Informed Care

The Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training is intended to inform participants on the most current evidence based understanding of trauma as it pertains to human development and interpersonal neurobiology.

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The TIC training is intended to help participants understand the implications of trauma as  it is relevant to the therapeutic alliance and a client’s process in and throughout treatment. More than just psychoeducation on the impact of trauma, the TIC training focuses on shaping every interaction into a trauma informed, nervous system focused healing experience. 

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Training Overview

What is it?

Trauma Informed Care from Beyond Healing presents the fundamentals of trauma theory including holistic and wellness based understandings of human development and a reframing of “mental illness”. We cover the interpersonal neurobiology of trauma, attachment theory, memory, and nervous system focused ways of relating presented through RUAC.

What is RUAC?

RUAC is made up of Recognize, Understand, Attune, and Co-Regulate. This process moves from the body, to the brain, to the mind.

  • RECOGNIZE: noticing what’s going on in the body through our feelings and physical sensations and our nervous system’s awareness of where we are in the world and the overall condition of our body and mind. “It’s not a thinking thing, it’s a feeling thing”.
  • UNDERSTAND: making sense of why we’re feeling the way we are in the moment. This is the meaning of the feeling.
  • ATTUNE: an emotional, psychological, and physical word, attune brings us to adjust ourselves to the environment and people around us to honor what we need to in response to our feelings. The goal of attune is to get us to a safer place in our emotions, thoughts, feelings, and our bodies. This step lets us honor the meaning of the feeling.
  • CO-REGULATE: this brings all the pieces together to help us find safety in connection together.

What will you learn?

Through this course, you will gain an introductory yet thorough understanding of the nervous system and brain. You will learn about trauma and the impact that it has on the brain, nervous system, and inevitably all of human behavior. You will learn and experience the benefits of therapeutic attunement in the treatment of trauma. Finally, you will be able to integrate the information learned into your work as a helper and be able to treat every interaction from a trauma informed care approach.

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.