Somatic Integration and Processing I

Bringing Relational Neuroscience to Case Conceptualization Where Safety is the Treatment.


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SIP is an interpersonal neurobiology based conceptualization tool that uses psychodynamic neurodevelopmental theory, adaptive information processing (AIP) and memory reconsolidation, and nervous system informed somatic psychology to assist clinicians in their ability to understand, interpret, and utilize diagnostic bio/psycho/social/cultural information about their clients. Tools presented within SIP I help to illustrate this diagnostic information in a structurally concentric scaffolded framework that can be used for tracking session goals and therapeutic targets, maneuvering through any processing issues through understanding their psychodynamic origins, and it can even be used to track an entire therapeutic process from start to finish.

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Training Objectives

Objective One

Increase conceptualization skills with an emphasis on interpreting symptoms and behavior through a developmental and nervous system informed perspective.

Objective Two

Teach participants a clinical approach to case conceptualization that is trauma informed and focused on the impact of past experience on present behavior.

Objective Three

Prepare participants to anchor clients in the safety of a co-regulated relationship before beginning therapeutic processing of past traumas and life experiences. Prepare participants to utilize the theory and tools of SIP to track client’s progress in sessions and over the course of the therapeutic relationship.

Available Credits

SIP 1 is credentialed for the following hours:

  • 21 NBCC Hours
  • 10 EMDRIA Advanced Training Hours
  • Please confirm with your governing agencies which hour types you are able to apply to your continuing education requirements.

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    • $700
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What is Somatic Integration and Processing?

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This was a great experience from beginning to end. The concepts of SIP are very affirming to my heart as a therapist, and it gives words and organization to a way of therapy that makes total sense to me! I am very excited to integrate SIP more into my own practice and see where it takes me in the future! 

— Abby P.

Everything about the training was exceptional! It was incredibly evident how much work went into putting this training together. I could feel the passion for the material which was so inspiring! SIP is going to completely transform not only my work with clients but my life outside of the office as well. 

— Anglea B.

SIP is the blueprint I knew I was missing from my work with clients but didn’t know how to explain. While there was a lot of information and the presenters prepared us for the left brain heaviness of the training, their natural engagement and enthusiasm for the topics made it very easy to stay connected to the material. I already feel a lot of creative energy about how to re-approach clients I’ve been stuck with.

— Jorelle D.

The best training I’ve ever attended.

— Marie L.

The SIP training was a game-changer in my approach to case conceptualization and working with clients. It’s a lot of information to cover in three days, so I am grateful for the opportunity to review the slides and audio. Listening to the podcast was also great preparation for familiarizing myself with the concepts discussion during the training. 

— Tova B.

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