Kelsey Esther, E-RYT500

Assistant Director of Embodiment, Somatic Practitioner, E-RYT500,

About Kelsey

I’m a Somatic Practitioner specializing in movement therapy, meditation, and breathwork. I use the body as a model of how we interact with the world and in relationships with others. Often we hear mind and body discussed as if they are two separate things but from a neurobiological perspective they are completely intertwined. That means we can engage with body as a way to shift our perspectives and experiences in the rest of our life.  

I’m a trained trauma-informed yoga teacher and I believe that yoga is so much more than the usual understanding of it. Traditionally yoga is a deeply spiritual and relational practice that involves mind, body, and spirit to find connection to ourselves and in relationship to the rest of the world. I seek to guide those I work with to interact with the​ir bod​ies as a source of tremendous wisdom for healing on multiple levels. I teach people to experience the sensations of their body in a safe way because subtle experiences can bring tremendous insights. Our body is built to protect us and help us survive and the way it does this is information that can be used to care for ourselves. Feeling into the wisdom of the body, we can discover the truth of what our experience has meant to us and discover a path to healing.

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