Josh Holland, LPC

Medication Consultant

About Josh

I have been interested in understanding more about how humans work since I was in middle school. I began the journey to learn more about the human body when I chose to go to pharmacy school at North Dakota State University. I graduated from there in 2008 with a PharmD and came to work at CoxHealth in Springfield, MO.  I worked as a Psychiatric Pharmacist for CoxHealth for nine years and during that time became a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist. 

Over time, I felt like understanding humans from a biological framework was not enough to help ease the suffering of those struggling with mental health. I decided to get my Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Missouri State University to learn more about the human mind and emotions. I graduated from there in 2017 and have worked as a counselor at Ozarks Counseling Center and CoxHealth. In 2021, I was finally able to fully combine all the education I had received through the SIP I and SIP II training from the Beyond Healing Institute. I am excited to use all the knowledge I have gained over the years in a bottom-up, humanistic approach to helping people have a better understanding of how drugs and medications affect the mind and body.

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