Angel Jones

Office Manager, Human Resources

About Angel

As the Office Manager at Beyond Healing, my mission is to provide unwavering support to the incredible individuals who walk through our doors. Within this nurturing environment, I am grateful to be embraced by a family-like community, where the reciprocal support I receive transcends the boundaries of a traditional job description.

The journey of healing is profoundly beautiful, and I consider it a privilege to accompany our clients as they navigate its complexities. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Counseling at Missouri State University, with the intention of seamlessly transitioning into internship and provisional licensure while continuing my involvement with Beyond Healing. My dedication to this field has led me to assume the role of co-leader for our local SIP student chapter, where I actively contribute to fostering a supportive learning environment for students in our field.

Throughout my tenure here, I’ve cultivated a passion for Somatic Psychology, a discipline I am eager to incorporate into my future therapeutic practice. My professional interests lie in the realms of body image, ego states, and the integration of techniques grounded in principles of attachment and holistic healing. I am committed to serving my community with empathy, compassion, and a steadfast belief in the transformative power of therapeutic connection.

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.