Body in Mind





Hey everyone. REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the Live Body in Mind training April 4-7th here in Springfield. This training is an Advanced Somatic Integration and Processing training that zooms into the Somatic Psychology lens and teaches practical steps to working more somatically with your clients.

The training will be held at Beyond Healing Institute in downtown Springfield, MO.

If you want to reserve your spot, please go ahead and register or let us know if you have any other questions. This training is very experiential, so it’s limited to 15 people. Please feel free to email Melissa directly with question.

Here is more info about the training:

This training is a practically focused training that will guide you step by step in learning how to lead your clients into their subconscious body to access the material that holds both the information and energy for deep change. The practice time is facilitated by scripts, so you feel supported in trying a new approach, plus Caleb and Melissa are available to support throughout the practice time.

Come and learn both the theory and practice of working in the somatic subconscious of you and your clients.

Each day includes the following…

Theory: Presentation of underlying neurological mechanisms and theory that support clinicians ability to partner with the body in real time

Demonstration: Show several video examples of somatically focused interaction with client’s

Practice: Small group (3 people) with scripts to support you

Process: A more open space for us the link together and differentiate in our own individual experiences of what it’s like to work in and through the body


Register for this April Offering!