SIP II: Healing the Fragmented Self and Complex Trauma

Building on the fundamental principles of SIP I, the second training in SIP applies these principles to understanding the development of the self and the natural process of dissociation and ego fragmentation throughout the lifespan. 


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SIP II: Healing the Fragmented Self and Complex Trauma presents a synthesis of developmental lifespan theory, internal family systems (IFS), ego state theory, and structural dissociation in a non-linear developmental timeline wherein dissociation and ego fragmentation can be visually illustrated and conceptualized. Intersubjectivity is then layered onto this visual illustration to help clinicians understand and visualize what it’s like for the therapist to meet and work with the client and vice versa, thus further deepening the therapeutic bond, increasing connection on treatment approach and progress, and deshaming the experience and path out of trauma.

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Training Objectives

Objective One

Participants will learn the fundamental and advanced components of Somatic Integration and Processing (SIP).

Objective Two

Participants will be able to apply these components to their clinical conceptualization and work with clients.

Objective Three

By understanding the most fundamental aspects of the human organism and development of self, participants will be equipped to better discern what therapeutic modalities to integrate into each unique session.

Available Credits

SIP II is credentialed for the following hours:

  • 21 NBCC Hours
  • 10 EMDRIA Advanced Training Hours
  • Please confirm with your governing agencies which hour types you are able to apply to your continuing education requirements.

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