Beyond Healing Community

Beyond Healing Community is the relational hub for all things Beyond. Hosted on Mighty Networks, Beyond Healing Community functions as the virtual meeting space for people from all over the world engaging with Beyond.


Within the Beyond Healing Community, you will gain access to discussion posts, article and media posts, and more focused conversation and events inside Groups. Within the Groups tab, you’ll find topics like EMDR, Disordered Eating and Embodiment, Psychotherapy and Pain, and all things podcast and Think Beyond!


The Beyond Healing Community has curated topics by the hosts of Beyond Healing, each created to focus conversation to make it as engaging and relevant as possible to you as the user. Here you’ll find conversation and events centered around what’s going on at the Center, the Institute, and Think Beyond as well as general community events and Book Club.


Community members from around the world are invited to host events that are specific to their passions and community interests. Currently we have regular events scheduled for group consultation, brainstorming creative ideas, psychotherapy and pain, and exploring the relationship between food, body and mind.

Beyond Healing Institute

After you join the Beyond Healing Community, you’ll also be invited to check out the continuing education and training opportunities that people in the community are engaging in. We have many opportunities for connection throughout Beyond Healing, each focused on community, learning, and growth.

Beyond Healing Community is committed to finding the space together where our mind and body both agree that we’re safe in connection. We hope to see you there soon!

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