Silvia Espinosa Ed.S, LPC

Psychotherapist, Bilingual: Spanish

About Silvia

As a holistic therapist who sees possibility, not pathology, with over two decades of combined clinical and school-based experience, I am uniquely positioned to provide professional counsel and bring hope to struggling marriages and to busy mothers navigating their parenting journey. I know what it means to cultivate a healthy marriage and know the highs and lows of mothering because as imperfect a marriage and parenting can be, my best friend and I have done so for the past 22 years with our teenagers. I share this with you because I love the concept of grace and forgiveness and the healing power it has in our lives.

Maybe you’ve experienced trauma and felt that your reality has been shaken to its core. Believe, my friend, that hope is near. With specialized training and research interest in betrayal trauma: incest, infidelity, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, I treat individuals in crisis that need this specialized care and help them overcome painful adversities. Why continue to hope? Because I’ve seen in the midst of personal change, a softening and freeing that occurs which increases the beauty of body and soul.

Everything is harder when it happens in isolation, connect with me today.

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