Julie Krejci

Health Coach

About Julie

I get it…living a healthy lifestyle can be tough. I’ve walked in your shoes as I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting while working towards living a healthy lifestyle. My struggles fueled my passion to help others find the secret to long term success of living healthy. After all my trials and errors, I’ve found that a healthy lifestyle starts with your mindset, your thoughts, your behaviors and your habits.  

My coaching starts with teaching nutritional principles and progresses to helping you develop the mindset and thoughts that lead to behavior and habit change so that you can live the healthy lifestyle that you desire. Whether you want to improve your weight, exercise habits, or your overall health, I will partner with you to form self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with your values to improve your health and well-being. 

As an ACE Certified Health Coach, with over 10 years of experience, I believe that a person’s health and wellness affect all aspects of their life. When a person has success in areas such as nutrition, exercise and self-care, they tend to see improvements in other areas of their life. Let me help you spark 180° shifts that will lead you to living a happier, healthier, more confident life. 

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