Dianne Parr PhD., LPC

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Meet Dianne

My goal is to always do my best to make a difference in the lives I touch! As a clinical therapist, I bring a multiplicity of skills, interventions, and experiences to my practice. Currently practicing as a licensed professional counselor, with certifications in TeleHealth Mental Health, Anxiety for Wired Brain, Eye Movement Desensitization Recovery (EMDR), and Supervisor of Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPC), I am constantly enhancing my professional therapy skills to provide the interventions for the people I serve and augment their healing processes. Passionate about connecting with each person I serve and consult with; I implement the therapeutic interventions related to Somatic Integration Processing to facilitate healing and recovery with individuals and families. Having worked with a variety of populations, I have provided therapy for crisis intervention, grief and loss, marriage and family, suicide, anxiety, anger management, post-traumatic stress, depression, domestic violence, parenting skills, substance abuse, and a plethora of issues and problems that individuals and families experience. My practice has included therapeutic interventions beginning with serving young children through the life span to include adults and seniors. As a professional, I enjoy researching, writing, and developing curriculum and programs to inform and support the healing community.

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