Dana Steinham

Therapy Intern

About Dana

I believe in meeting.  Intersubjectivity, the model I practice from, posits that whenever two folks meet, something new, uncharted, hitherto unknown to science is created between them. Cheesy though it may sound, this means that both client and counselor grow from their work together, that good therapy is intrinsically collaborative:  you therapy my back, I therapy yours. Granted, once we’ve met and dumped your puzzle on the table, I then bring a suite of evidence-based techniques to our work of putting it back together, including rudiments of mindfulness, CBT, and somatic integration. But let me reiterate, the work we do in sessions is ours, not yours alone or mine, and the expertise you bring, however niche you think it may be, is every bit as welcome as mine.

I am happy to work with clients of any age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or spiritual background.  Practically speaking, I’m a good counselor to see if you are struggling with ADHD, depression, stress/burnout, or relationship issues. Whoever you are, whatever your need, I look forward to our meeting.

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