Barry McClintock, M.Ed, PLPC


Meet Barry

Over the years I’ve realized that our internal world quite remarkably shapes our external one. Walking through that gate, I was given a pair of glasses that allowed me to see all my thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a more conscious way. Suddenly, everything meant something! There were no more random coincidences—I had the power of choice and could live with intention. Going “Within” has allowed me to honor my emotions and challenge my beliefs, recognizing it has always been within me to create and change my immediate surroundings. Someone once said, “You cannot heal by going back into the same environment which made you sick.” That has led to my passion for helping others create healing spaces within and around themselves, so that as they travel into their “Within”, they do not come back to an environment that cannot contain their growth and evolution. As we collectively reclaim our wholeness, it is my honor to help you create healing spaces for yourself.

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The search for support on your healing journey can be a challenging one. At Beyond Healing, we value each person’s humanity and the life experiences that shaped them to be who they are today. Trauma is not the end of our journey, we would love to join you on your journey to heal.